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I have been seeing Caroline since she began her practice and to me, it is a lifelong gift I give myself. So much more than just a "massage", I enjoy deep tissue massage at times and regularly visit for Thai Massage sessions. Keeps me energized, flexible, and the bonus is every time I see Caroline I learn so much! I'll be there as long as Caroline is!
Joanna S.

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Meet Caroline Harris, Founder

For decades, I have been fascinated by the interaction of mind, body, and spirit.As a former student of psychology and as a professional dancer, I have been able to understand the benefits of body movement in relationship to the discipline of the mind in order to stay focused, centered, and whole. I graduated June twenty four two thousand and four from Spatech Institute school of massage and polarity therapy in Westborough Massachusetts where I completed six hundred hours of training. I was raised in France and was privileged to come to the United States in 1982 through my dancing career. In 1988 I received my American citizenship and now reside in Massachusetts.  I look forward to meeting you, your families and friends, and will be honored to work with you in the safe environment I provide for you in the office of Conscious Touch Massage Therapy.


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